Wave Ring

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A beautifully classic wave ring, featuring a single cresting wave. The wave flows into the ring band and connects, creating a continuous circle to symbolize the endless nature of the ocean. One swell flows into the next, with each wave distinct but connected. As above, so below – underneath the surface the health of our oceans hangs on an intricate balance of plant and animal species. What happens to any one creature has ripple effects that can throw the entire ecosystem out of balance. This design represents the need to protect all species and habitats for the good of our planet and ourselves. One wave, one ocean, one earth.

Choose from sterling silver, 9ct yellow, white or rose gold. Silver ring comes in our signature World Treasure gift pouch and gold ring comes with a World Treasure gift box and bag. Free shipping worldwide on all orders!

*If you are buying this as a gift and not sure of the recipient’s ring size, choose the Default Size M1/2


Wave Ring
Materials: Sterling Silver, 9ct Yellow Gold, 9ct White Gold, 9ct Rose Gold
Width: 9mm
Ring Size: Custom (Default Size M1/2)
Item #: 065
Made in Australia


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