Forever, ever? Yes. Really and truly. Because one lifetime isn’t long enough, all of our jewellery comes with our Forever Guarantee.

Teal Blue Australian Sapphire Ring French Pave Diamonds in White & Yellow Gold by World Treasure Designs

Guaranteed. Forever.

We mean it when we say we make our jewellery to last. Crafted to the highest standard of quality, every World Treasure Designs purchase includes our Forever Guarantee.

— Our Forever Guarantee —

Every World Treasure Designs purchase comes with a free warranty against manufacturing defects for – you guessed it – forever. If your jewellery has a defect due to workmanship or materials, please contact us and we will repair or replace it at no charge. We are also happy to assess and repair damage due to normal wear and tear for a reasonable price.

We offer this guarantee for you, but also for our planet. The cycle of purchasing cheaply-made goods that wear out or break, get thrown away and purchased again, is devastating for the environment. Tempting as it may seem, it usually ends up costing the consumer more in the long run as well. Because we make all of our own jewellery, we make sure it is crafted to the highest standard of quality. We offer a Forever Guarantee with every purchase because we do, in fact, make our jewellery to last this long.

If something does break or wear out (which can happen even with the highest quality goods), we would prefer that our customers let us repair it, rather than purchase something new. We are firm-believers in the motto “Buy well, buy once.” Better for your wallet, better for the earth.