Meet the Team

Meet our talented and quirky work family. They are the best in the business (not-biased obviously), one-of-a-kind, and we wouldn’t trade them for the world!

Loretta Bexon
Front of Shop/Jeweller

If you’ve called, emailed or been in store, there is a very good chance you’ve met Loretta. Loretta is essential to our operations, working the front of shop/office and everything in between. As a qualified jeweller, Loretta liaises between customers and the jewellery workshop and heads up quality control (ie. keeps the other jewellers in line). In her life outside of work, Loretta is a reformer pilates addict and loves going on adventures to K’gari/Fraser Island with her partner Caius.

FUN FACT: Loretta and Caius met at TAFE during their jewellery apprenticeship and are now engaged! Pro tip: ask to see Loretta’s spectacular engagement ring.

Milla Faragher
Front of Shop/Admin

Milla wears many hats here at World Treasure Designs. In addition to serving customers and answering email inquiries, Milla heads up our wholesale accounts department which has her jetting off to places like Kingfisher Resort and Lady Elliot Island. Tough job! Milla also manages our social media accounts, keeping up with all things TikTok and Insta Reels. Outside of the office, Milla loves exploring her backyard, frequenting Hervey Bay’s beautiful beaches and plentiful cafes.

FUN FACT: Milla was born in the year 2000, which makes everyone else who works here feel 1,000 years old.

Alana Crawford
Front of Shop

Alana may be the newest face on the World Treasure Designs team, but don’t let that fool you. With over 21 years of experience in the jewellery industry, Alana started her career working for Nick’s parents Doug and Christine Thorp when she was just 18! With her wealth of knowledge and expertise, we are thrilled to have Alana join the team. An animal lover through and through, Alana keeps herself busy outside of work looking after her menagerie of dogs, cats and stepsons!

FUN FACT: Alana’s parents live in Tasmania, which means we all look forward to seasonal deliveries of Tassie cherries and THE BEST apricot jam you’ve ever tasted.

Caius Chapple

Caius started as one of Nick’s first apprentices and is now our longest-standing jeweller (aside from Nick), serving as our specialty fabricator/head diamond setter. If it’s technical, if it’s tricky, if it’s nearly impossible – Caius probably made it. As already mentioned, Caius is Loretta’s partner, making this whole family business thing a serious affair. Off the bench, Cauis enjoys boating, fishing and generally running amuck on the largest sand island in the world.

FUN FACT: Caius used to play hockey with Nick, which accidentally launched his career as a jeweller.

Matt Cartwright

Matt or “Carty” (also answers to Old Mate), is our main production jeweller. He is our ocean jewellery extraordinaire and can resize your ring in a wink. Carty keeps the workshop humming along and will gladly take on any job without a complaint. He’s quick with a laugh and his upbeat, good nature keeps us all in good spirits. Off the bench, Carty enjoys spending time with his family and running after his two young kids. He’s a master on the barbeque and has been known to enjoy a beverage now and then. 😉

FUN FACT: Carty was Caius’ first apprentice! There’s a theme here people…

John Bexon

Bexon… sound familiar? John is Loretta’s Dad. Yeah, blood runs thick in this little family business of ours. John trained Loretta and when we were struggling to keep up with demand, we had to call in the big guns. John moved from the Sunny Coast up to paradise, aka Hervey Bay 😉 and is now an integral part of our team. He is quick with a story and keeps the mood lighthearted. John loves a good audiobook and keeps himself busy running after his 3 grandkids.

FUN FACT: John is originally from the UK and has been a jeweller for over 50 years! Yes, he wins 🙂

Tione Steinhardt
Jewellery Apprentice

Now in the third year of her jewellery apprenticeship, Tione is an essential part of the workshop. Enthusiastic and passionate about everything we do here at World Treasure Designs, she learns fast and keeps the boys on their best behaviour (or at least tries to). Outside of work, Tione enjoys camping, 4WD adventures, and exploring our beautiful mother nature.

FUN FACT: Tione and her partner Jack recently bought their first home! Guess she’s stuck with us forever now 😉

Rachael Nidiffer WTD staff photo
Rachael NidifFer

If you’ve ever been whale watching on Tasman Venture, you probably recognize Rachael as one of their talented naturalists. With a degree in Marine Biology, Rachael is a lover of whales and all things ocean. When she’s not out on the water, Rachael helps us out part-time with photography, developing web content and general admin. Rachael is one of our biggest ambassadors and you can generally find her dressed from head to toe in whale and ocean jewellery from her favourite jewellery brand ;).

FUN FACT: Rachael and Allison grew up in the same town in the US and coincidentally met here in Hervey Bay! Proving that it’s a small world after all AND all the best people come from Charlottesville, VA!

Nick Thorp
Jeweller/Designer (Founder/Co-Owner)

A lifelong diver and ocean lover, Nick started designing a few silver whale tails as a way to combine his skills as a jeweller with his passion for ocean life. This little collection has grown into what World Treasure Designs is today! Nick is our head jewellery designer and most of the designs you see on our site are his creations. Still pulled by the ocean, Nick also works as a skipper on local whale-watching boat Tasman Venture, splitting his winter days between the jeweller’s bench and our beautiful Platypus Bay. In his spare time, Nick loves diving, travelling and spending time with his family.

FUN FACT: As a divemaster Nick has logged over 1200 dives! All this time underwater means he is very particular about his ocean designs and likes to get every detail perfect.

Allison Thorp
Marketing/Admin (Co-Owner)

Before meeting Nick, Allison had zero experience in the jewellery industry. Thankfully she knows a lot more about websites, marketing and photography than she does about jewellery, and heads up this department, along with being our Excel expert extraordinaire. Originally from the USA, Allison fell in love with the ocean, beaches, and climate of Australia. Oh, and a certain Aussie as well. 😉 She also enjoys diving, ocean adventures, and incredibly long plane trips home to see family and friends.

FUN FACT: When Allison first travelled to Australia, her mother made her promise not to fall in love with an Aussie, get married and move there. Oops!

Henry Thorp
Junior Apprentice

Now that he’s a big 4-year-old, Henry is becoming an integral member of the team. Current responsibilities include: chief cookie eater, babycino drinker and chatterbox extraordinaire. His bench skills could use some work, but you can’t fault his energy and enthusiasm for life. No doubt Dad will have him soldering by the time he starts prep.

FUN FACT: Thanks to a trip to Australia Zoo and the crocoseum, this little wildlife warrior wants to be a “crocodile feeder” when he grows up!

Roy Thorp
Jnr Junior Apprentice 🙂

At 1.5 years, Roy is the youngest member of the team. He’s great at making a mess, opening and closing cupboard doors and stealing everyone’s keys. He certainly takes the team cuteness factor up a few notches though. 🙂 We expect big things from this little guy in years to come. Check back in 2040 for a progress update.

FUN FACT: Roy has 2 passports and is a seasoned international traveller! He is learning to speak both English and Australian. 😉

Drop in and say hello. We can’t wait to meet you!

World Treasure Designs Team Photo 2023