As a member of 1% for The Planet, we donate at least 1% of every purchase towards saving our oceans and environment.

How 1% of Your Purchase…

As individuals and especially as a business, we all have an impact on the earth. As much as we can try and reduce this impact, we cannot eliminate it entirely. We can, however, use our business to support positive change. Joining a global alliance of companies and organisations using business as an engine for environmental good, World Treasure Designs is a member of 1% For The Planet. We donate at least 1% of every purchase to environmental organisations every year. We like to think of it as an “Earth Tax” – to counteract the inevitable cost doing business has on our environment. For certain collections like our Shark Collection, we have pledged to give a higher percentage – in this case 5% of all sales go towards saving sharks through our partnership with Shark Conservation Australia

1% may sound like a small number, but there is a reason we choose to donate a percentage of sales, rather than profits. Profits are vague, easy to manipulate and fluctuate constantly. Donating 50% – or even 100%! – of profits may sound nice, but it can also be deceiving. Donating a percentage of sales means that as the customer, you know exactly how much of your purchase will be paid forward. It also holds us accountable to this commitment, whether our business turns a profit or not.

Silver Reef Shark Ring at Sunset on the Beach by World Treasure Designs
Whale Tail Necklace in Silver Ocean Aimee

Creates Global Change!

To date, the 1% For the Planet network has given back more than $270 million to the environment! How incredible is that!? This is the collective effort of mostly small businesses paying forward what they can from the support of conscious consumers like you. Wrapped up into that number are all of your purchases, proving that little things can indeed have a BIG impact.

We aim to keep whales, turtles, sharks and more swimming freely in our ocean for generations to come, and your purchase helps us do exactly that. For more information on the individual organisations your purchases help support and the work they are doing, check them out below.

As part of our membership to 1% For the Planet, we go through an annual certification process to verify our donations. Organisations your purchases help support are:

* From our January 2020 bushfire fundraiser: