Australian Made

Jewellery that is ethically made from sustainably sourced metals and materials, by skilled jewellers working for fair wages in a safe and comfortable work environment.

How it’s Made

What do we mean when we say our jewellery is “handcrafted”? Hand-carving every single piece of jewellery would be time-consuming and extremely expensive for you, the customer. Instead, we use an ancient jewellery-making technique called the the lost-wax casting method. Since all of our designs are completely original, the design process usually starts off with a hand-drawn sketch. Once we’ve nailed down the basic design, we create a sculpture of that design by carving it out of wax or metal. This carving may go through several rounds of revisions and tweaking until it until we get it perfect – the result is called the “master”. More recently we have also started using CAD (computer aided design) programs to illustrate the design and create a 3D print, which is then perfected and finished off by our jewellers.

From the “master” we create a mould. The mould is used to create multiple wax replicas of the original, which are then cast into the desired metal. To ensure our jewellery is of the highest quality, we have partnered with a reputable casting house here in Australia that specialises in this process. Our jewellers then assemble, set gemstones and hand-polish each piece right here in our Hervey Bay workshop. Finally, every piece goes through our rigorous quality-control to ensure you receive a beautiful keepsake, guaranteed to last forever.

In addition to casting, we utilize many traditional handmade jewellery techniques when doing custom designs, refurbishments and repairs. Our jewellers our fully qualified in the art of a traditional “handmake”, where every component of a piece of jewellery is made by hand – from the initial hand-drawn sketch, to rolling out the metal, fabricating the ring, and setting the final gemstones. We have recently invested in a state-of-the-art workshop with the latest technology and tools, to ensure our jewellers have every opportunity to hone their skills and produce high-quality work. A new laser welder and diamond setting microscopes allow our jewellers to work better and more efficiently, and have greatly improved the quality and precision of our gem setting work.

Why it Matters